In the middle of May we sent out 2500 copies of the poster to businesses in Kalmar county, asking that it be placed in suitable locations on their premises where many people circulate.

We hoped that by doing so we might receive new tips about what happened to Annelie. She looks somewhat different in this picture compared with picture shown in the newspapers.

We have even included pictures of the car in which she was taken away, a map with encircled area where Annelie can probably be found and a key-ring with a troll she had for her keys which is still missing.

By sending out the poster we are trying to keep interest alive so Annelies disappearance will not be forgotten. Here the poster may be seen in full size. ( large picture )

If you wish to help, download the poster ( 0,5 MB ), print it out and place it in a suitable location where it can be seen.

The downloaded file poster.exe is selfextracting. The picture is in jpg format and in greyscale. The picture is to be adjusted to page size when printing out and picture proportions are to be kept.