To all our visitors
It is absolutely incredible that our homepage about Annelie has received so much attention, over 25,000 visitors in three weeks.

With your help Annelies URL has spread like wildfire via ICQ and those who have placed Annelies logos or banner on their homepages.

We are extremely grateful for the help we received.

Reading the guestbook has moved us very deeply, a forum which has given both close acquaintances and people completely unknown an opportunity to write a personal message concerning Annelies disappearance.

Newspapers, TV and radio are media that give news of current interest. Internet is a lasting media which has made it possible for us to tell about Annelies disappearance on a homepage which can be visited by all whenever they wish and as often as they wish.

Thank you for all the entries in the guestbook and e-mail we received. You have given us the strength and support necessary to continue looking for the answer to why Annelie is no longer with us.

Thank you for your support.
Olli, Ingrid, Lars och Lena.